Keynote Speakers

Professor Soteris Kalogirou is at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences and Engineering of the Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus. He is currently the Vice Rector on Economics, Personnel and Development of the university. In addition to his Ph.D., he holds the title of D.Sc. He is a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and Founding Member of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts.

For more than 35 years, he is actively involved in research in the area of solar energy and particularly in flat plate and concentrating collectors, solar water heating, solar steam generating systems, desalination, photovoltaics, geothermal energy and absorption cooling.

He has a large number of publications in books, book chapters, international scientific journals and refereed conference proceedings. He is Editor-in-Chief of Renewable Energy and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Energy, and Editorial Board Member of another twenty journals. He is the editor of the book Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Renewable Energy Systems, published by Nova Science Inc., co-editor of the book Soft Computing in Green and Renewable Energy Systems, published by Springer, editor of the book McEvoy’s Handbook of Photovoltaics, published by Academic Press of Elsevier and author of the books Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems, and Thermal Solar Desalination: Methods and Systems, published by Academic Press of Elsevier.

He is a member of World Renewable Energy Network (WREN), American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) and International Solar Energy Society (ISES).


Ass. Prof. Maria Cristina Fragkou is an associate professor at the Department of Geography at the Universidad de Chile. She studied Chemistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, holds an MSC in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA - UAB).

For the last 10 years she has been researching the water crisis in Chile, and in particular its impact on drinking water for human consumption. She has investigated how state policies, legal frameworks, and hydraulic infrastructure and technologies contribute to the social and political construction of water scarcity, trasforming her into a national expert on desalinatesd water for human consumption. She is interested in the impact of these policies on the daily lives of the most vulnerable groups, particularly women and rural populations. Her research is motivated by socio-environmental justice and draws on methods and theories from political ecology, environmental geography and environmental science.

Prof. Janajreh is Professor and the associate chair in the Mech. Eng. dept. He received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in Eng. Science and Mech (ESM). Specialized in fluid-dynamics, thermochemical-conversion, and solid/fluid interactions. His research focus on reactive flow, conjugated heat flow, and solid fluid interaction applied in various engineering application, Including gasification/reforming, desalination, and energy efficiency.

He established the Waste to Energy Laboratory at Masdar that drew funds from Tadweer, Beeah, ADNOC, Ducab, NIST, Sonkeyenergy, Masdar Corp. and several internal MI grants. He authored over 160 refereed publications and graduated 27 MS and Ph.D students. Isam is a regular reviewer of EC&M, Appl. Pyrolysis, Ren. Energy, Fuel, Appl. energy, member of ASME, TS&T, Rubber Division, ASCE, and several scientific committees. He is Editor in chief, associate editor, and editor for Int. J. of Enhanced Research in Science, Tech. & Eng.,   IJTEE, J. of Energy&Power Eng., J. of Solid Waste & Mangmt., respectively.

Prof. Hassan Azaizeh is at Tel Hai Academic College & Institute of Applied Research, Israel. He has engaged in several studies and research projects related to various fields such as natural compounds from medicinal plants, microbiology, chemistry, soil sciences, biochemistry, environmental biotechnology, water and waste treatment and valorization, renewable energy and toxicology, and others. His research projects included the production of natural plant extracts for the treatment of various illnesses, biological pests, and worm control as well as various studies pertaining to water and wastewater treatment through the use of a variety of biotechnological methods.

The list of his published articles includes articles related to environmental biotechnology, water, and waste treatment, plant extract production for the treatment of various illnesses and pests, and microbiological biodegradation of Xenobiotic substances in the soil as well as advanced production of unique biological substances from what is considered waste products such as olive mill wastewater (OMW) or olive mill solid waste(OMSW). Valorization of lignocellulose biomass for the production of biogas, bioethanol, biochar, activated biochar, and lactic acid.